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It’s Tammy here, and I would like to introduce myself to you. I started this website/blog/online store all on a whim broke, rubbing together my two fingers, because I don’t have two nickels let alone two pennies to rub together. I went back to school, and acquired a couple degrees, but if no one hires you what good are they, right! And, no! my degrees are not even remotely close to anything computers. Everything, I know about computers is self-taught. I do my own programming, marketing, my own branding lines etc. it is all me sometimes it gets a little overwhelming for me, but computers are very calming for me. Sometimes, I will have spent 7 hours on the computer and not realize it when I get in the zone that is all I can think about. I do have to admit that it’s not all work I’m learning to, there is always something to learn about computers because I’m the everything girl, I watch a lot of YouTube hahaha… If I don’t know if I google it, or I ask my husband who is brilliant compared to me. My husband is a great contributor to this site and helps keep me grounded because I tend to have wild hopes and dreams. I hope this site will be great one day for all to enjoy. I do know that what I discuss on my website is not widely accepted and there will be people that don’t agree, but that’s OK because this is my site and I truly, believe in what I discuss on my site. Now, I have skeptics in my life like my husband and kids so, I guess that I’m the crazy one of the family. Just, because I’m the misunderstood one of the family doesn’t mean that my family doesn't support me, my family supports me in anything I put my heart into.                           

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