Metaphysical 101 "M" Terms

Metaphysical 101 "M" Terms

Metaphysical Terminology Used:

Manomayakosa – This is the "body of ideas" that meditators encounter as they enter the Subtle Realm. This is the third vehicle above the Self in the Superconscious mind.

Materialization – The ability to manifest intention in the external world through activation of the Astral Plenum. Strong focused desire, claiming by faith or tenacious belief, affirmation, visualization, and anchoring seeds of manifestation are among the different ways people influence this matrix of potentiality. Psychics speculate that manifestation occurs through the Astral Plenum "molding" or influencing of sub atomic field.

Materialization Dematerialization Subplane – The first Subplane of the Psychic Realm. This Subplane is marked by the presence of various utopian and doomsday cults. The Soul gains the ability to control both what it creates (materialization) and also what is dissolves (dematerialization). The Law of Attraction is first revealed on this Subplane.

Medium - (also called Channel) – Individuals who open the throat center in the vehicle of the Psychic Powers Subplane gain the ability to become the mouthpiece of different entities. The term medium is used in the Spiritualist Church to denote someone who brings messages from spirits, angels, spirit helpers, and the Masters.

Metaphysics – The study of the Laws of Mind (Abstract Mind Plane, Universal Mind Subplane), the Laws of Manifestation and Psychic Ability (Psychic Realm, Materialization Dematerialization Subplane, and the Psychic Powers Subplane), and the Laws of Karma (Wisdom Plane).

Metaphysicians may also take up the study of one or more of the Intuitive Sciences. Metaphysicians often do spiritual counseling and do a variety of readings.

Metapsychology – An intuitive science that incorporates elements of numerology, tarot, and astrology.

Metavision – This is the "seeing ability" of the attentional principle. Wherever this wave of consciousness is focused within, it illumines the content of the mind.

Metavisional Sight – This type of seeing reveals the content wherever the attentional principle is focused.

Unlike intuitive sight, which is global, penetrating and comprehensive, metafictional sight is specific, detailed and delineated by the focus of attention.

This type of sight is used to discern the specific content of the vehicle upon which you are meditating, to examine its centers and activity. Metavisional sight is also used to examine each nodal point, to identify archetypes, and to read past lives in great detail.

Mormon Faith – A Christian sect whose original revelations were gathered from the Heavenly Realms Subplane of the Psychic Realm.

Mysticism – A form of communion with the Divine that emphasizes direct experience gained through meditation.